The best of municipal planning can only be successful with the support of the people and community it intends to serve. The Iowa River Landing Revitalization project is no exception. The Coralville community has been, and must remain, involved in the Coralville Brownfields Grant process from initiation to conclusion. In general terms and in addition to public meetings and notices by the City of Coralville Council, involvement specific to this project has taken the form of:

  • Stakeholders' groups and citizen participation while developing the grant application
  • Periods of public comment
  • Public outreach meetings to present and discuss the Brownfields programs
  • Solicitation notices by mail encouraging property owners to participate
  • Public outreach and educational meetings to explain Environmental Site Assessments
  • Public field days to explain field assessment and testing
  • Creation of Brownfield database website for public use (Public Computers available for use at the Coralville Public Library)
  • Continuous update of the Brownfield database at the conclusion of all Phase I,II and III Environmental Site Assessments
  • Public meetings to discuss findings of assessments and financial feasibility of actions
  • Fact Sheets developed to convey Brownfields program information in a comprehensible and efficient format

Success Story
Stakeholder Meeting
Field Handout
Grant Application

1998 Initiative Plan
1st Supplemental Plan
2nd Grant Work Plan

Fact Sheets

Brownfields Fact Sheets
Los Hechos de Brownfields en Espanol

Web Links
EPA Supplemental Information (external link)

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