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Terracon and the City of Coralville present information in this Electronic Planning Portfolio only as a public service consistent with directives of the United States Environmental Protection Agency that Brownfields Economic Redevelopment Initiative grants are public monies spent toward the public good.

The services represented by this presentation were conducted under a negotiated Engineering Services Agreement dated May 19, 1999 and authorized by the Mayor of the City of Coralville on June 4, 1999. This representation of information produced by those services as the Electronic Planning Portfolio is intended for purposes of general public information only. This electronic presentation includes readily available project and public information, in whole or in part. Neither the City of Coralville nor Terracon can warrant the accuracy or usability of public data obtained from regulatory agencies, third parties, the Internet or other public sources which may have been used during the preparation of this portfolio. With regard to the Electronic Planning Portfolio no warranties, express or implied, are intended or made. These limitations must be recognized by users. Use of the Electronic Planning Portfolio constitutes notice and acceptance of these limitations

Terracon project information used or referenced, in whole or in part, in the Electronic Planning Portfolio is presented only for general public information. Final written Terracon documents on file with the City of Coralville Brownfields Coordinator at City Hall are the sole documents of record subject to the terms and conditions of the Engineering Services Agreement. Those documents were prepared for the exclusive use of the City of Coralville for the specific application to the project discussed and in accordance with generally accepted environmental engineering practices. With regard to Terracon reports no warranties, either express or implied are intended or made. In the event any changes in information as outlined in written reports are observed, the conclusions contained in those reports cannot be considered valid unless the changes are reviewed and the conclusions of this report are modified or verified in writing by the environmental engineer.

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