The Iowa River and its tributaries touch approximately 50% of the 1st Avenue Project area. As part of a coordinated effort, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is actively working with the City to identify and conduct area projects consistent with their own environmental mission that will enhance the Brownfields initiative.

Project Contact:
Kayla A. Eckert, Environmental Projects Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Rock Island District
P.O Box 2004
Clock Tower Building
Rock Island, IL 61204-2004
Business: (309) 794-5923 Business Fax: (309) 794-5698

Greetings from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District! We are one of six districts that make up the Mississippi Valley Division. Our district covers more than 78,000 square miles and includes 314 miles of the Mississippi River from Guttenberg, Iowa, to Saverton, Missouri, and 268 miles of the Illinois Waterway from Lake Street in downtown Chicago to the LaGrange Lock and Dam, southwest of Beardstown, Illinois.

While some Corps districts have both military construction and civil works missions, we are primarily a civil works district administering federal water resource development programs in large portions of Iowa and Illinois and smaller portions of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Missouri. We also maintain the capability to support the military construction program when necessary. Our missions include navigation, environmental preservation, flood control, regulatory functions, recreation, federal real estate management, mobilization for both federal disaster response and national defense, and emergency operations.

We have a diverse staff that includes both advisory and administrative personnel who manage district operations, and a technical staff comprised of specialists and technicians representing a variety of scientific and professional fields. About half of our staff work at the headquarters on Arsenal Island, while the other half work at construction field offices, lock and dam sites, and flood control reservoirs.

At the Rock Island District we pledge to:

  • Provide our services to the Nation in times of emergencies.
  • Plan, design, and construct water resource and infrastructure projects.
  • Manage and conserve natural resources consistent with ecosystem management principles while providing quality outdoor recreation experiences.
  • Operate and maintain lands and facilities under our jurisdiction.
  • Implement regulatory authorities that protect our Nation's resources.

Corps Management:
James V. Mudd , Colonel, U.S. Army, District Engineer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District
P.O Box 2004
Clock Tower Building
Rock Island, IL 61204-2004
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